Report - roster costs

Note: this report has not yet been released.  Current ETA is 30/08/2017

This report requires a specific module enabled.  Please contact the easyemployer support team on if you cannot access this report. 


What is the roster costs report

The roster costs report displays roster hours and costs which can be run for any period of time,   scoped to groups, users and payroll codes (e.g. overtime) and be grouped by many different options (e.g. user, day of the week, site, area and role) 


What data is included in the roster costs report

The roster totals report includes the following data: 

  • Roster hours and costs
  • Public holiday roster hours and costs
  • Makeup hours and costs (e.g. salary employee rostered under their minimum hours)
  • Unpaid and paid leave hours and costs.
  • All costs (penalty rates, allowances etc) relating to the above.


What data is not included in the roster totals report

The roster totals report does not include the following data:

  • Worked paid hours and costs


Loading the roster costs report

  1. Click reports
  2. Click roster costs report located under Payroll
  3. Choose the data to be reported on.
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