Removal of remote access to WCS office server

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September 8, 2017 October 8, 2017 October 22, 2017


easyemployer swipe card access was removed some time ago; however you may still have an old office server plugged into your local network. We will be discontinuing support for these old office servers on October 8, 2017, and we will uninstall remote management software beginning October 22, 2017.

If you currently have an old WCS office server plugged into your local network; you need to read the support ticket sent to you and raise any questions you may have prior to October 22, 2017.


What did this server do? 

Prior to our bio metric solution, we used swipe cards to authenticate a user on a time clock. This authentication process required data to be housed on a local server for the authentication process.

Shortly after bio metrics were introduced, prior to using JAVA technologies for authentication the bio metric authentication/enrolment process also relied on this WCS office server being present.


Why is easyemployer removing this?

The removal of the old roster interface is three fold:

  • The unit is no longer required, as all our clients who have an all in one unit with bio metrics are using at least JAVA technologies.
  • For us to progress with a "more stable than JAVA" offering  = we specifically need to be supporting one iteration of a core function of the software for all of our clients.
  • These old WCS servers typically operate on Windows XP which is no longer supported by Microsoft, this has potential to pose a security risk to your local network.


Am I affected?

If you have received an email from us you have been identified as likely having an old WCS office server located on a network we believe you have access to. Below are example images of these WCS office server units:

Generation One


Generation Two


Generation Three


We strongly recommend connecting an old WCS office server to a local monitor and keyboard/mouse; to confirm its application on your network.


What do I need to do?

  • If you can locate a WCS office server, and if this is no longer being used, we would recommend disconnecting the device and arranging for the secure destruction of the device.
  • If you are currently using the device (or can re-purpose) then you are welcome to do so also (as this is your hardware / you purchased it)
  • If you cannot locate one of these devices, please let us know and attach an image/s of all known easyemployer related hardware. This includes All In One Kiosks (e.g. has a touch screen).
  • If you have a kiosk and we identify this is still running Windows XP / old software, we will advise how to proceed in a support ticket.


What happens if I do not disconnect the device?

At the removal date, if your device is still powered on, and we cannot identify this as being an All In One unit, the device will be removed permanently from our remote management software.

  • There will be no exceptions.


I'm still struggling understanding the change - can you help me further?

  • We will be able to assist in upgrading to Windows 7 if you have an All In One kiosk unit (e.g. a unit with a touch screen) that is running Windows XP. We will advise how to proceed within the support ticket.
  • We do not provide a complimentary license upgrade to Windows 7 for old WCS servers, as they are no longer a requirement to operate easyemployer. If you would like to upgrade the old WCS server to be able to run the easyemployer time clock APP (operating system requirements = Windows 7) you will need to arrange for this upgrade yourself; then we can assist with the installation of the easyemployer kiosk app.


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