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1) Overview
2) Leave shifts and hours in roster suitability



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1) Overview

Within the Easy Employer timesheet leave shifts are created on each day of a leave request. These leave shifts can now be added to the roster. This assists with the rostering process as these shifts display the leave shift and all relevant information regarding that leave (leave type, paid or unpaid, cost of leave, etc).


NOTE: This feature is not on by default in Easy Employer. To enable this feature, an Easy Employer organisation owner will need to submit a support ticket here.


Displaying leave shifts in the roster provides additional information regarding any leave that employees may be taking. With this additional information users are able to make informed decisions and view the true cost of a roster period as it is being planned. Users are able to modify the leave shift hours (if they have permission). These changes are reflected on the leave shift in the timesheet.

The leave shifts and hours can also be included in roster suitability. This is beneficial if users should not be rostered for more than X number of hours per week that includes any paid leave.


2) Leave shifts and hours in roster suitability

The leave shifts and hours can be included within the roster suitability.

Organisation rule

This rule can be enabled within the organisation rules to apply the rule to all users

1. Click Organisation

2. Click Organisation

3. Click rules

4. Click roster rules

5. Find "Account for leave shifts in suitability calculations"

6. Change the value to Yes and save


User specific rule

This rule can be enabled at the user level to only apply to specific users

1. Click Organisation

2. Click Users

3. Click the user

4. Click rules

5. Click roster rules

6. Find "Account for leave shifts in suitability calculations"

7. Change the value to Yes and save

Example leave shift within the roster

In the following example, Shaun has taken Annual Leave on the 04/09. The roster shows a leave shift and hovering over the L shows the type of leave.

Based on Shauns pay conditions, the leave shift on the Monday has pushed the total hours for the week over 38 hours. This has now triggered overtime on the 08/09 which is highlighted by the OT bubble.

These features can be used to ensure that the roster team do not roster a user on and potentially push them into overtime payments. 



How to use leave shifts in the roster

1. Once this feature is active in the account it will display leave shifts differently. The standard display in the roster was designed to show availability and as a result these the colour was changed to purple as displayed below.

2. Leave shifts now appear in rosters in a similar way to the timesheets. The new format shows the leave duration and if users are able to view financials, they will see the shift costs.

3. These new leave shifts can be edited and changed with ease. Clicking a shift will cause an options radial to appear. The four options are; View leave shift details, Manage, Nullify and View shift costs. Each option provides additional information or allows an action to take place.

4. 'View leave shift details' provides information about the shift in a non editable popup. 

5. 'Manage' allows users to change the start or end time of a shift, the shift length or if the leave shift is paid or unpaid. 

6. 'Nullify' changes the shift duration to 0. This option is not available if the shift length is already 0.

7. 'View shift costs' provides additional information regarding shift duration and costs.

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