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  • How to manage rosters through the application

What is this feature

The roster section of the easyemployer application provides a way to check and confirm shifts. This screen may also be the default landing screen once logged in if a user does not have mobile clocking enabled.

Why is this important

The roster section provides basic information regarding a rostered shift including the start time, finish time, day, date, scheduled breaks, role and work area. This information is provided so users can check their shifts without needing to login via the web portal.

How to use the roster section of the easyemployer application

1. Login to the easyemployer application

2. Tap the 'Roster' tile

3. The roster tab will display all upcoming shifts in a list format. 

4. Taping a shift will present the confirm button. 

5. Tapping the confirm button will cause a blue bar to appear on the right side of the shift. A shift can only be confirmed once and cannot be unconfirmed once this action has been taken.



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