2017-11-23 - easyemployer - shift creation bug

On Thursday 23rd of November between the times of 4.35am AEDT and 11.46am AEDT there was a bug active in the "rostering - shift creation" component of easyemployer. 
We understand that this has caused major issues for our clients and we apologise for this.
Once aware of the bug we took all steps possible to identify the cause and take remedial action urgently. The issue was resolved as of 11.46am AEDT.
  • A deploy of new easyemployer features & functions introduced a bug into the "roster - shift creation" component of easyemployer.
  • We have very strict testing procedures in place for all releases, however, at times there will be issues that are not able to be foreseen - or found through testing. 
  • We have put additional processes in place as a result of this particular instance to minimise the chance of it re-occurring.  
  • Only those clients using timezones set to something other than Sydney/Australia have been affected.
  • Only manually created shifts (i.e. those not generated through roster templates) between the hours of 4.35am and 11.46am have been affected. 
  • Any shifts created (not from templates) during the active bug period will have incorrect times on them - the times will be 'out' by the difference between the Sydney/Australia timezone, and the client's own timezone. e.g Adelaide will be out by 30 minutes, Perth by 3 hours.
  • Clients need to hard refresh their rosters to enable the fix to be applied - CTRL + F5 is the typical shortcut key (e.g. Google Chrome in Windows).
  • Using the "reload shift data button" WILL NOT enable the fix to take effect.
  • Clients need to edit any shifts manually created and adjust the times to the correct shift times. Upon request we can provide a csv report of the shifts created between the active bug times to help them with tracking down the problem shifts.
If you are having any issues or would like to discuss further; please contact our Support desk.
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