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What is the billable users report

The billable users report will display a complete list of users that an organisation will be charged a monthly user fee for. If a User is on a Roster, Timesheet, or passed through to Payroll, within a month they are considered ‘Active’ and are billed the per user per month fee - at the start of the following month. Due to this, the Payroll Report doesn’t always represent the actual number of billable users in a month and is therefore not a reliable source for this information.

Note: This report is not active in all easyemployer accounts. If this feature needs to be activated please contact our support team on 1300 855 642.

Why is this important

Knowing how many users an organisation will be charged for enables organisations to plan for these costs.

Once a user is used on roster, timesheet or payroll then they are considered active and trigger the monthly per user per month fee for the given billing period. Organisations are charged a single fee no matter how many times the user is "used" during that month.

Example: An organisation rosters a user 2 months in advance (if the current month is July and the future roster period is in September), this user will be included in the billing for September not the current month (July). It's the month the user appears on a roster, timesheet or a pay run that triggers the billing.

How to access the billable users report

1. Click on reports in the navigation bar

2. Select the 'Billable users report'

3. A list of all the users in the organisation will be listed. 

4. If the organisation has multiple payroll entities the billable users report can display the users that will be charged for in each entity. Click the 'Edit' button to select the desired payroll entity. 

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