Firefox V52 browser no longer supports Java

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  • Firefox V52 no longer supporting Java

Firefox internet browsers no longer support Java from version 52 onward. Due to this easyemployer time clocks for that have been running on Firefox browsers and using the USB U.are.U 4500 fingerprint scanner have been affected. This means that users will not be able to login to their clocking stations using their fingerprint until this issue is resolved.


Not all clocking stations are affected by this issue. Clocking stations using the Firefox Portable Application still function correctly. Therefore the Firefox Portable Application will need to be installed to enable users to clock their shifts. Our support team will need to generate an individual code for each of the affected time clocks. Please contact our support team to get access to the correct codes. 


We strongly recommend that these steps be completed by an IT professional. Other users may not have sufficient windows administrative permissions to complete the required tasks. If Java is used for other internal applications on the affected devices we strongly recommend that users consult their IT professional(s) to confirm that these programs will not be affected by the update or change. 


To complete this process follow the steps in the document that can be found via the following link:


Please contact our support team with any issues or concerns regarding this.


Completing the above steps may not be feasible for some organisations. If this is the case some additional options are available. 

  • Firefox can be forced back to the previous version. The current version of Firefox (V52) is the issue, if the browser reverts back to the previous version then the clocking issues will be resolved. This is done at your discretion and is not recommended by easyemployer.
  • Pin clocking can be enabled for employees. As pin clocking is unaffected by this update enabling pins will allow users to clock shifts using the same clocking station.  


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