Accepting A New Java Certificate

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  • How to manually accept a new Java certificate.

The easyemployer time clock app requires an end user to manually accept the new Java certificate. This certificate is for security purposes and is updated every year.


It is important to note that easyemployer managed devices (All-In-One Kiosks and selected tablet devices) are not required to perform these steps.


1. Load the easyemployer time clock app. The shortcut is typically located on the desktop. If the application is already running, it may be minimised to the system tray.

Example Desktop Shortcut Icon



Example System Tray Icon




2. When opening, if a new certificate needs to be accepted, this box will appear.


  • Ensure the checkbox is selected with a 'tick' in the box.



  • Click the 'Run' button.




3. After accepting the Java prompt, a Windows security warning will appear.


  • Ensure the checkbox is selected with a 'tick' in the box.



  • Click the 'Allow' button.




Your easyemployer time clock app should function as usual. If you are experiencing issues, please close the application down completely and/or restart the computer. Then open again.

If the issue persists, please contact support for further assistance.



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