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  • How to deactivate custom entities

What are custom entities 

Custom entities are a highly customise-able feature of easyemployer. A custom entity could be but is not limited to a person, client, vehicle or funding scheme. Custom entities are used to provide additional information to staff members on a rostered shift. 

Why is this important

Custom entities will remain on the active list unless they are deactivated. If there is a custom entity that is no longer needed (either long or short term) they should be deactivated. Deactivating a custom entity will prevent them from appearing on the roster or shift. If a custom entity is deactivated it can be restored back to the active list.

How to Deactivate/Reactivate a custom entity

1. Click 'Organisation'.

2. Select a custom entity type.

3. The Custom entity list will be displayed. Some additional information is also present such as the option to select 'Active' or 'Inactive'.

4. Clicking 'deactivate' will cause a custom entity to move into the inactive list.

5. To view a list of inactive custom entities click the check boxes so that only 'Inactive' is ticked.

6. When the inactive option is ticked all of the deactivated custom entities are listed. These can be returned to the active list by clicking 'restore'.


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