Award | Shift Breaks - Adding a New Break Type

1) What are shift breaks
2) Why are shift breaks important
3) How to add a new break type
4) Extended shift break functionality video



Award | Shift breaks


1) What are shift breaks

Tracking the breaks that staff take while at work is a very important element of payroll processing and conforming to your industry award. Shift break functionality can be customised for each staff member. For example, if a client owns a restaurant, floor staff may be entitled to a 15 minute paid break if they work over 4 hours, but staff in the kitchen may not. This means that when staff are using the clocking station at work, or the website at home to clock their breaks, only the correct break types allowed will be displayed for them.


2) Why are shift breaks important

Some awards require people to take breaks and in some instances employees not taking breaks can lead to penalty rates being applied (hospitality award)


3) How to add a new break type

For additional information please watch the video.

  1. Click Organisation.
  2. Click on Awards.
  3. Select the Award.
  4. Scroll down to the Breaks Types section of the page. All the breaks available for use in this award will be listed under this heading. Click Create Break Type to add a new break.
  5. A popup box will appear and fields will need to be populated appropriately.
  6. Once the fields have been populated click the Create button to add this break type to the list.
  7. The new break type will now appear on the list.
  8. This break type now needs to be applied to Base Award Pay Groups. Click a Base Award Pay Group to modify it.
  9. Scroll down to Break Types and the new break will be listed but will not yet be ticked. This field is not editable by default.
  10. To edit these fields simply click the Edit Award Pay Group button at the top of the page.
  11. A popup will be displayed indicating the number of users that will be affected by this change. Click Yes to continue.
  12. Scroll back down to the Break Types section and tick the new break type.
  13. Once the box has been ticked a submit button will appear. Click Submit.
  14. The new break will be available for users of this Award Pay Group. If other Award Pay Groups need this applied repeat steps 8-13.


4) Extended shift break functionality video

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