Employee Guide | Logging In + Changing Login Email

1) What is the login email & why is this important
2) How to log into easyemployer
3) How to change a login email


1) What is the login email & why is this important.

The login email is used as a username when accessing easyemployer. 

The login email is important as it is the only way a user can access their account either through the web page or the mobile app. This can be changed to an email address that is easy to remember.

Another benefit is that users with multiple accounts can have a single email address to access all of their easyemployer accounts. 

NOTE: A user's login email can only be changed when logged in as the user. The easyemployer support desk, nor your immediate leader or employer can make this change for other users. 

NOTE: If an email has not been received and online access should have been granted, please contact your immediate leader or employer. The easyemployer support desk cannot grant online access to you. It needs to be done by your immediate leader or employer. 


2) How to log into easyemployer.

1. Navigate to secure.easyemployer.com


2. Enter your email address (username) and your password.

3. Click 'Login'.


3) How to change a login email.

1. To change a login email, click on your Initials on the upper right-hand side and click 'Profile'


2. Click on the 'Password' tab.


3. The 'Login email' section on this screen needs to be completed. Enter the new login email and the current password.


4. Click 'Save' for the 'Login email' section to complete the process. 


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