First time accessing easyemployer or linking your online account to an organisation

This article includes the following topics:

  • Initial Email
  • Accessing the account
  • Didn't Receive Initial Email

What should I expect when online access is granted

Once online access has been granted, you will receive an email with instructions. Follow the instructions in the email and you will be able to access your easyemployer account.

If you have not received your online access email or the link has expired, you will need to speak to your manager.  The easyemployer support team cannot resend or grant online access. 

Why is this important

This article has been designed to explain how to access easyemployer for the first time. As most new users will be unfamiliar with this system this article will help set users up.

How to login to easyemployer 

Initial Email

The first email you receive looks like the following:

Accessing the account

1. Click the link provided in the email. 

2. If setting up a new account (meaning you have not logged into easyemployer) click the 'Create new account' tab to the right of screen. enter the email address that you would like to log inwith and confirm it by entering again. Set the password under the confirm email section and then confirm the password. Passwords must meet a complexity requirement.

3. If this online access needs to be linked to an account the user already holds with easyemployer use the 'Link to existing account' tab and enter the email address and password.

4. Follow the prompts to then login to easyemployer

Changing the password

7. If a password change is ever required click on the Password tab

8. Enter a new password and click Submit

9. Done! You now have access to your easyemployer account. 

Didn't receive the initial email

If you did not receive your initial email, follow these steps: 

1. Check your spam folder for the email (add to safe sender list, search the internet for instructions for your specific email provider)

2. Confirm your email address with your manager

3. Contact easyemployer support.


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