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  • How to change your password

What is the purpose of a password

A password increases the security of a users account. Passwords should usually contain upper and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters (if permitted).

Why is this important

As sensitive information can be stored in easyemployer it is strongly recommended that a secure password be used.

Note: If a password has been forgotten or needs to be reset, please follow the 'Forgot Password' link listed in related articles. 

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How to change your password

1. Login to easyemployer

2. Click on Account tab at the top


3. Click on password on the left hand side


4. Following screen will display


5. Enter the old password 

6. Enter new password according to the rules defined

7. Confirm new password

8. Click Submit and your password will change

9. Following confirmation message will appear:  "Your account password has been successfully updated."


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