Employee guide - best browser practices

This guide contains the following topics:

  • Preferred browser
  • Browser tabs
  • Multiple browser windows
  • Incognito/private browsing

What is a preferred browser

A preferred internet browser is the recommended browser for using a certain program or service. easyemployer can still be accessed using non-preferred browsers however the preferred browser will work the best. 

Why is this important

easyemployer is a web based product and because of this, you can utilise the browsers features to help your daily use.

Preferred browser

We recommend the browser Google Chrome


Browser tabs

You can utilise the browsers tab feature, to open multiple parts of easyemployer, in the one browser window, in different tabs, and easily switch between them using keyboard shortcuts. 

See the following website for instructions: http://www.computerhope.com/jargon/t/tabbrows.htm


Multiple browser windows

You can open different parts of easyemployer in different browser windows, and easily switch between them using alt + tab in Windows and Linux, or cmd + ` in Mac.  This is especially good if you have multiple screens.  You can have multiple browser windows open, on different screens and switch between. 

Incognito/private browsing

Incognito and private browsing allows you to open multiple sessions of easyemployer.  This is handy if you have access to more than one easyemployer account.   


For instructions on how to open in private browsing, see:

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox


Internet Explorer


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