Employee Guide | Accepting & Declining Available Roster Shifts

1) What are available roster shifts & why are they important
2) Actioning available roster shifts through the online portal
   i) via the to-do list
   ii) via your roster


1) What are available roster shifts & why are they important.

Available roster shifts are shifts your immediate leader / employer have on the roster period, but are yet to have a user assigned to fulfil the rostered shift. 

NOTE: Depending on your organisations rules, you will either be given the shift automatically or this will need to be approved by your immediate leader / employer. Please contact your immediate leader / employer to determine your organisations configuration (and policy) regarding accepting (or) declining of available rostered shifts.

  • If you click I am available and you require 'manager approval', you will receive a notification if your request has been accepted or declined.
  • If you click I am available and you do not require 'manager approval', you will automatically receive the shift.
  • If you click I am not available the shift will be marked as unavailable and the shift will disappear from your screen.


2) Actioning available roster shifts through the online portal.

i) via the to-do list.

1. A notification will be displayed in to do list if there are any available rostered shifts.


2. Click on the downward arrow key to see information about the available rostered shift(s).


3. Click on the action button select your availability.


4. Choose your availability for each individual rostered shift.



ii) via your roster.

1. Click the 'Rosters' tab at the top of the screen.


2. Click on 'My roster'.


3. This opens up the 'My rosters' page. From here you can see the current roster period at the top, and the option to view future (or) past rosters, or rosters that meet a date range.


4. Clicking on a period opens up the weeks roster for that period. Available shifts will be displayed in pink in the 'Available shifts' section.


5. Click the available shift and then click 'Accept or decline this shift' (tick).


6. Click 'I am available' or 'I am not available'.



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