Employee Guide | Shift Swapping

1) What is a shift swap & why are they important
2) How to request a shift swap
3) How to accept a shift swap



Employee Guide | Confirming Your Roster Shifts


1) What is a shift swap & why are they important?

The Shift Swap feature is available on certain accounts and allows users to find a replacement for their own shifts. This feature might be useful to organisations and their employees; as it allows users to find a replacement to a rostered shift that they might not be able to work.



Depending on your organisations rules, you request for a shift swap (or your acceptance of a shift swap) may need to be approved by your immediate leader / employer.

Please contact your immediate leader / employer to determine your organisations configuration (and policy) regarding requesting for (or) accepting of rostered shift swaps.

Your employer / organisation will need this feature enabled for you to be permitted to use the rostered shift swap feature.


2) How to request a shift swap

  1. Click My Easy Employer on the navigation bar and select Rosters.
  2. This opens up the My rosters page. From here you can see the current roster period at the top, and the option to view future (or) past rosters, or rosters that meet a date range.
  3. Clicking on a period opens up the weeks roster for that period. Here you can see your shift details. Select the shift which you would like to swap and click 'Swap this shift with another user'.
  4. Select a suitable user's (employee) rostered shift to swap your shift with; and Submit your request.
  5. The rostered shift will then change colour to orange.
  6. You can view the details of your shift request by selecting the Green (!) button at the top right hand corner of the rostered shift.


3) How to accept a shift swap

  1. Log in to your Easy Employer account.
  2. The shift swap request will appear in your To Do list. By clicking the to-do item; the relevant roster period will open.
  3. Clicking on the to-do item will take you to the roster for the time period of the requested shift swap. The shift that someone has requested a swap for will have a green (!) button in the top right.
  4. Click on the green (!) to open the shift swap request.
  5. You can then Accept or Decline the rostered shift swap request (or select Cancel to review it at a later time).
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