Employee Guide | Employee Timesheet

1) What is the timesheet & why is this important
2) Accessing my timesheet
3) The timesheet shift colours
4) Creating a timesheet shift
5) Modifying a timesheet shift
6) Confirming timesheet shifts
7) Leave a shift message



Timesheet | Approving and Finalising a Timesheet


1) What is the timesheet & why is this important

The timesheet records the actual clocked data and compares it to the roster shifts for the same period.

Timesheets display actual clocked times for past shifts. This feature can be used by end users to check their past shifts and hours worked.


NOTE: Depending on your permission level, you might not have access to modify your timesheet shifts.


2) Accessing my timesheet

The timesheet can be accessed by:

  1. The View my current timesheet link on the homepage, in the Quick Links Section. This will open the current timesheet period.
  2. Click the 'My Easy Employer' tab at the top left-hand side of the screen and click 'Timesheets'.

Select the timesheet period you would like to view and the timesheet will be displayed.

Through your online account, you can confirm timesheet (actual) shifts and also leave messages.





3) The timesheet shift colours.

There are different colours of shifts on the timesheet which are shown in the following picture:


The key drop-down will explain the different colours


  • Grey shift - roster and cannot be edited. 
  • Black shift - automatically created shift. 
  • Aqua blue - a shift that has been confirmed.
  • Dark blue - a shift that has been enter manually or modified.


4) Creating a timesheet shift.

  1. 1. Open the (unfinalised) timesheet period you wish to create the timesheet shift in.

  2. 2. To create a shift, click in the white space corresponding to the day you would like to create the shift and the create shift dialogue will be displayed:
  • If you are creating a shift on a day which has a roster shift (grey shift) the system will match the start time, end time and breaks automatically.
  • Change the time by using the hour and minute drop-down (24-hour time), or change the shift length by typing the duration of the shift into the "Shift length" field.
  • If you need to create a break, click 'Create break'.
  • Click 'Create shift' to create the shift.


5) Modifying a timesheet shift.

  1. Open the (unfinalised) timesheet period you wish to modify the timesheet shift in.
  2. Click the shift you would like to modify (you cannot edit the roster (grey) shift).
  3. Click the 'Edit actual shift' button (Pencil).
  • Change the time by using the hour and minute drop-down (24-hour time).
  • If you need to create a break, click 'Add break'.
  • If you need to edit a break, click 'Edit' under 'Actions'.
  • Click Save to update the shift.


6) Confirming timesheet shifts.

  1. A to-do item will be displayed saying you need to confirm actual shifts.
  2. Clicking the to-do item will take you to the relevant timesheet.
  3. Click the shift.
  4. Click Confirm.
  5. The shift will change colour signifying you have confirmed this shift.


7) Leave a shift message.

  1. Leaving a message on a shift is a way to inform your manager of something that has happened during your shift. E.g. leaving a shift message (if required) to advise you had to stay late because it was busy.
  2. Click the shift.
  3. Click Manage to edit the shift.
  4. Type your shift message in the 'message' box and click save.
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