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1) Overview
2) Create a leave request
3) Review leave requests



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1) Overview

A leave request is required by most organisations for any form of planned leave or time away from work. A leave request contains important information regarding the period for the time away and is sent within the organisation for approval.

Depending on your organisation policy, you may be required to submit a leave request - refer to your organisation policy (or immediate leader) for any applicable rules (and/or) lead times required.



The Easy Employer Support Team cannot assist employees in understanding to whom their leave application was sent, nor can the Easy Employer Support Team assist with providing comment when a leave application is declined (or approved). You will need to speak to your immediate leader.

If you are creating a leave request and the estimated hours are "0" then this means your standard daily hours have not been set in Easy Employer. Please speak to your employer to set these.

If you have standard daily hours set then the "0" balance may be caused by the leave shift being generated while an actual shift was already present. This would mean the standard daily hours are satisfied by the actual shift and the leave shift did not need to satisfy any of the standard daily hours.

There is an easier way to get the leave in for this situation. Click Manage on an automatically generated shift. You will have the option to 'Convert to leave' which will ensure that an issue like this does not occur in the future. Alternatively, the actual shift would need to be deleted before the leave shift is created.


2) Create a leave request

  1. Select Leave under My Easy Employer on the navigation bar.
  2. Click Create leave request for me.
  3. Select the leave type by using the drop-down, select if it is Paid or Unpaid, and click Next.
  4. The next screen will allow you to choose the date range & time for the request.
  5. Click the calendar icon Calendar_Icon.png next to the date displayed to change the date. A calendar popup will be displayed:
  6. Select the start date and end date of the request.
  7. If the request is for a part day, untick Auto calculate duration and choose the start and end times.
  8. Once your date and time selections have been made click Next.
  9. The next screen will allow you to enter a comment for the request that your manager will see. It is recommended to provide as much detail as possible. Once you have entered your comment, click Next.
  10. The next screen will give you a review of the request. Review the information and click Finish.
  11. Your request has been submitted and will be reviewed by your organisation. You will receive a notification when your request has been approved (or declined).


3) Review leave requests

  1. Select Leave under My Easy Employer on the navigation bar.
  2. Your upcoming leave requests will be displayed under My leave.
  3. To edit or delete a request, click the 3 vertical dots under Actions. Buttons Edit, Delete, Edit End comes up.
  4. To filter leave requests, for example, to view past requests, select the Date via the (From/To) section.
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