Employee Guide | Exporting Leave to Calendar

1) What is the electronic calendar & why is this important
2) Generating the electronic calendar URL


1) What is the electronic calendar & why is this important.

An electronic calendar is available from different providers and it is an electronic version of a calendar. Usually such software provides an appointment book and contact list. Leave can be exported to an electronic calendar.

Once subscribed to the leave, your calendar application will pull update information. Therefore this process only needs to be done once, not each time you publish your leave. Great for displaying the leave on site, and not having to print updated leave.

Examples of electronic calendar are, Google Calendar, Sunbrid, Mac Calendar and most smart phones.

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the calendar application to "pull new data" from easyemployer.  In some calendar applications you can control the interval it updates, (or) you can perform a refresh, (or) send and receive to pull new data to your calendar application  (from easyemployer).  

NOTE: Depending on your organisation configuration you may (or may not) have access to this feature. If in doubt, please contact your immediate leader.


2) Generating the electronic calendar URL.

1. Open your easyemployer account.

2. Click the 'Leave' tab.


3. Click 'My Leave' under 'Export leave to calendar'.


4. Select the time range for export.


5. Copy the URL and follow your calendar applications instructions for subscribing to calendar links.



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