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What is an entitlement balance

An entitlement balance is also known as a leave type. It refers to the types of leave an employee can accrue during their employment contract.

Why is this important

Entitlements vary between organisations and awards as does the rate of accrual. easyemployer enables users to check their entitlement balances before they submit a leave request.

Note: Depending on an organisations configuration, users may be able to view entitlement balances through easyemployer. If you cannot see your entitlement balance, please contact your manager for more information.

Viewing entitlement balances

1. Open the Leave page by selecting it from the top navigation bar.


2. After navigating to the Leave page scroll down to the bottom of the page.


3. Your entitlements will be displayed under the My entitlements heading.


If there are any entitlements that are not displayed, please contact your manager for more information. 


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