Employee Guide | Setting a Pin Code

1) What Is a Pin Code & why is this important
2) How To Set a Pin Code 



Employee Guide | Using the Time Clock Software


1) What Is a Pin Code & why is this important?

A pin code is usually a four-digit number that can be used to access an account quickly. A pin cannot be used to log in to Easy Employer through the online portal but can be used on the time clock and the Easy Employer mobile app.

The time clock can use a pin code to authorise access to a user's account. Users also have the option to use their pin code to authorise on the mobile app.


2) How To Set a Pin Code

  1. Log in to your Easy Employer online account.
  2. Click on your Initials on the upper right-hand side and click Profile.
  3. Go to the Pin section and enter a Pin code by clicking edit.
  4. The pin code can only contain numbers and must be at least 4 digits.
  5. Once the pin code has been entered click save. The user can now use the time clock by entering their pin where permitted/configured.
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