Employee - using the time clock

This article includes the following topics:

  • Starting a shift
  • Taking a break
  • Ending a break
  • Ending a shift

What does this article explain

This article outlines the basic processes users need to perform in order to successfully use a clocking station.

Why is this important

Users will need to clock shifts as part of their employment contract. The clocking station is easy to use however, if the processes are not completed correctly then the users clocked data will be incorrect.

How to use the Clocking Station

Starting a shift

1. To start a shift, click on your name as shown in the following picture:


2. The user will then enter there pin which they set as explained in the following guide: Setting your pin


3. Click Start shift to start your shift


Taking a break

1. Click on your name

2. Enter your pin

3. Click on Start break


4. Click on the break type



Ending a break

1. Click on your name

2. Enter your pin

3. Click on End break



Ending a shift

1. Click on your name

2. Enter your pin

3. Click on End shift



Note: After you make your selection, always click log out to exit your account. 

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