Notices - how to use the notice system as an employee

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  • How to use the notice system as an employee 

What is the notice system

The notice system is an internal email system for easyemployer. This system has the capability to send notices externally as a text message or an email.

Why is this important

Understanding how to use notices will enable users to find important information regarding their own leave, availability and rostered shifts.

How to use the notice system as an employee

 1. The easiest way to access notices is through the to do list on the home page.


2. Simply click on the notice and a pop up will appear displaying the notice.


3. Clicking on the notice in the to do list will cause it to disappear from the to do list.


4. To view all notices users should navigate to the Notices section of easyemployer. This is done by clicking the Notices tab in the tool bar.


5. Clicking on the Notices tab will take users to their notices inbox. This screen will automatically display unread messages.


6. To change the messages that are displayed simply click on the Filter tab and select the notice types by ticking the applicable boxes. If there is a combination of these notices that a user would prefer to be the default, select the desired options and click Save selection as default.


7. If all messages are set to view; unread messages will appear in bold whereas read messages will appear faded.



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