Employee - problems receiving email communications (emails not coming through)

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  • Problems receiving email communication

What is this article about

This article is designed to help users troubleshoot issues surrounding email communications sent from easyemployer and/or payroll guru.

Why is this important

This is important as users could have some generic issues surrounding email communication.

How to solve problems receiving email communication

Sometimes emails can not be seen by a user in their inbox due to some email settings. To Cater for that, please follow the following steps:


1. Check Junk Folder or Spam Folder of your email to check if emails could be going there.

2. Check for emails from comms@easyemployer.net, comms+aws2@easyemployer.net  or payslips@payrollguru.com.au

3. Open the email and Click on Not Junk or Wait Its Safe for Hotmail.

4. There could be different ways depending on the email service you are using

5. Alternately, comms@easyemployer.net, comms+aws2@easyemployer.net or payslips@payrollguru.com.au can be added to address book and all the emails sent after that will end up in the Inbox instead of the Junk or Spam Folder.

6. If the emails were not in your junk folder and the address book step didn't work - try adding the above email addresses to a "safe sender" list. Instructions may vary according to your email provider (google your email provider + safe sender for instructions). You can start by looking here.

7. If none of the above steps work contact our support desk as we may need to check the spam detection folder in our auto-mailer (i.e. SGrid - activity - search email address - remedy)



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