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  •  Timesheet Report 

What is the timesheet report

The timesheet report displays the clocked, paid and roster time.  

Depending on your access level, you will be able to generate the report for the whole organisation, a particular group or a user.

Why is this important

Accessing this report can help users to review data from a clocked period. This report enables users to compare the clocked, paid and roster data against each other.

How to view the timesheet report

1. Click on the Reports tab


2. Click Timesheet Report


3. Select the timesheet period and click Next


4. Select the report scope

  • Whole organisation (all users) (option might not be there, depending on access level)
  • Specific groups
  • Specific users

5. Click Finish and the report will be generated based on the scope

6. An example of the timesheet report is shown below
7. To print the report, click Export to PDF and the report will be generated as a PDF
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