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  • What is the payroll categories report
  • How to access the payroll categories report

What is the payroll categories report

The payroll categories report displays a list of payroll categories / codes which will be exported for payroll. These are the categories / codes that need to be entered inside the payroll application.  

Note: The PAYG indication only applies to allowances.

Why is this important

The report includes information such as the codes hourly rate or multiplier, OTE status etc..

How to access the payroll categories report 

1. Click Reports

2. Click on Payroll Categories Report

3. The report will be displayed as shown in the following picture

  • By default, the report will only show categories that are currently being used by employees.  To show all categories for the awards in the account, click Show all categories
  • You can change payroll entities by using the drop down at the top
  • You can print or export the report using the buttons on the top right


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