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This guide contains the following topics:

  • What is the Abilities report
  • How to access the Abilities report
  • Adjusting the report columns
  • Exporting to csv and xls
  • Printing a Report


What is the Abilities report

The abilities report displays information on the abilities assigned to each employee and can be exported to csv or xls.


Why would you use this feature

  • The abilities report can be extremely useful when reviewing which employees do/don't have specific abilities, and can therefore assist in determining who requires training.
  • The abilities report also provides and overview of when the abilities expire, which can provide insight in to when group training is required.
  • The report is printable, and can be used to for documentation purposes


When would you use this feature

This feature can be used at any time and could be accessed when planning training, reviewing ability expiration details, updating documentation, and so on.


How to access the user details report

1. Select "Reports" from the top navigation bar



2. Select the "Abilities Report" from the options available 



3. A list of all of the abilities assigned to employees will be displayed, along with the employee's name, ability, code, start date, expiry date, the time left until its expiry, and any notes associated with the ability.



4. The list is sorted with the abilities expiring first located at the top of the list by default.



5. This can be changed by pressing on the heading you would like to sort by. The order in which the data under the heading will appear can be flipped by pressing on the same heading again. 



The arrow next to the heading will then change directions to signify the change.



6. Items in the report by default aren't grouped in any particular order



This can be changed by selecting one of the options presented in the drop-down box located at the top of the report




When grouping the report by "Users", by default, only the user with abilities will be displayed. This can be changed to show all users regardless of their abilities by pressing the "Show empty items" check-box.



When selected, users without any abilities will simply display "There is no data to report".



7. To scope the report, press on the "Click to Add Scope" button located at the top of the report


This will then display a list of options available to scope by



8. For example, if refined by a "User", only the information on the abilities obtained by the user(s) selected will be displayed



9. Once a scope has been added, it's possible to further refine what is displayed by pressing the "Click to Add Scope" button again and selecting one of the remaining options 



10. By default, the report will only display abilities that are currently assigned to a user. This can be changed to include abilities that have been removed by selecting the "Include removed abilities" check box.


This will then display any abilities that may have been removed, along with the date that they were deleted.



11. The report can be exported to csv and xls by pressing the "Export to CSV" button for csv, or "Export to Excel" for xls. These buttons are located in the center of the report.




12. The report can also be printed by pressing the "Print Report", which can be found next to the export buttons. 





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