User - adding a new user (employee)

This article relates to how to add a new user (employee) into the easyemployer system.


Precautions to take when adding new users.

Before adding a user into the easyemployer system we recommend ensuring the user is not already created, with an inactive or terminated state.

If a duplicate user is created and the email address is the same, you will not be able to re-use this email address on the new profile. The new profile must be deleted and the existing profile re-activated. Do not create a duplicate user.

Disclaimer: Group-level managers are required to assign an area or role when creating a user. This is to ensure that the new user is within their control once they have been created in the organisation.


When would this feature be used?

This feature could be used when a new employee starts working for your company, or when adding users to the system during initial configuration.


Why use this feature?

This feature is used to create a user account for an employee. Creating a user account can then allow you to roster shifts for the employee, update availability, grant online access for the employee, and so on.


How to add a user in easyemployer:

1. Click on the Organisation tab


2. Click Users


3. Click on Create user button on the right top corner of the Users Page.

4. It will pop up a Create User Window. Depending on your permission within the organisation, this screen could appear as:

  • Organisation level permission user (Click the Load Groups button to load the Areas/Roles group tree).



  • Group level permission user.


5. Enter Given Name/s and surname (Both fields are mandatory).

6. Enter Email address.

7. Click Email correspondence box for email correspondence with the User (Email address is required).

8. Enter Mobile Number.

9. Click SMS correspondence box for email correspondence with the User (Mobile Number is required).

10. Click Online account access if you would like the user to have online access (Email address is required).

11. Click on the relevent Payroll Entity to add roles to the user (if required).



12. By clicking on sites and areas, they will keep expanding and you will be able to see roles.

13. Select Multiple roles for the user in same or different sites if Applicable.

14. To enter more information about the user Click on Organisation tab at the top of the page.

15. Click on User.

16. Click on the recently added user.

17. Update information.


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