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  • Preferred method to communicate to employees (selected methods)
  • Bulk user changes


NOTE: choosing a communication method only applies to "roster/shift" and "employee-related" communications. If a user is on a permission set other than "employee" then they will receive messaging that is administrative in nature. If the "manager/non-employee permission set" user would like to receive no sms comms whatsoever then their mobile phone number should be removed from easyemployer. If you would like to test what user permissions receive what sms messages you can test this in your sandbox account.


What are the preferred communication methods

Preferred communication methods refer to the way that an employee wishes to be contacted through easyemployer. This can be set to either SMS and/or email.

Why is this important 

A user can navigate to the communications page to set a preferred communication method. This will ensure that the user receives messages.

When could this function be used

This function is available at any time when using easyemployer. Typically this function would be used during the initial setup of users.

How to set up preferred method of communication (selected methods)

Each employee can be configured to receive roster communications by email and / or SMS. This is what is known as the 'selected method'

1. Click the Organisation tab


2. Click Users


3. Click on Communication from the navigation bar on the left

4. The user accounts will be displayed.  From here you can edit employees email addresses and mobile numbers.  

5. To edit an email address or mobile number, click the Anbility option drop down.png icon by placing you mouse right of the Status. 

6. Click on the Edit Pencil.png Edit icon to enter details.

7. If you would like your employees to receive correspondence by email, tick the box in the Use Email column in line with their name

8. If you would like your employees to receive correspondence by SMS tick the box in the Use SMS column in line with their name 

9. If you would like your employees to receive correspondence by SMS and Email so click both boxes

10. Once you have made you selections, click Anbility option drop down.png again and click Save

9. When any changes are made to roster shifts, after the roster is published, the employee will be informed using the methods chosen above

10. When publishing and communicating the roster, and selected methods is chosen, the methods chosen above will be used. 


Bulk user changes

1. If you would like to make changes to multiple users at once, navigate to the users communication page as above in Steps 1-4

2. Click the Bulk user access button 


3. The following page will appear

4. In this page you can quickly edit the settings for multiple users


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