User - importing /updating users

This article includes the following topic:

  • Importing/ updating users 

Why would you use this feature

You would use the standard file import to import multiple users in to easyemployer at the same time.

When would you use this feature

You would import users using this method when importing multiple users. Importing can be useful in configuring users with the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Importing users via export file or API connection

1. Obtain your user export file by following the export guide relating to your application (if applicable).

(To use the easyemployer Standard Format file please follow the guide named User import - standard file format)

2. Click Organisation


3. Click Import / Export


4. Click Import / Update Users


5. Source Application would be selected automatically if not Select that.


6. Click Choose file -> select your file if necessary


7. Then click Next



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