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1) What is a role

All shifts on a roster or timesheet are assigned to a role. Users can only work shifts in those roles if they are assigned to work in that role. A role is a job function in your organisation.


2 Why would you use this feature

You would use this feature to add a user to one or more job(s), or 'role(s)', that they work within the organisation.


3 When would you use this feature

You would use this feature shortly after creating the user. If a user isn't assigned to a role, they won't appear on the roster and therefore can't have shifts allocated to them.


4 How to Add a user to a role

  1. Click Organisation and select Users.
  2. Click on the user that you want to add to the specific role.
  3. Select Roles on the sidebar and click the Edit role button (pencil icon).
  4. Select the Payroll Entity, Site, Area and Role and then click Save.


i) Intelligently selecting roles

Intelligently selecting roles allows you to quickly select roles a user can work out across multiple sites, areas etc.. in the organisation.

  1. Open the users roles page as described above.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. You can intelligently select any level of the group tree, for example:
  4. 4. You can also select multiple sites, for example:
  5. Once you have intelligently selected a part of the group tree, the Intelligent role select will show on the right hand side:
  6. Select the roles that the user can work, for example:
  7. The roles will automatically be selected across the part of the group tree you have intelligently selected.
  8. Click Save.


ii) Removing a user from a role

  1. Click Organisation.
  2. Click Users.
  3. Click on the user that you want to remove from the specific role.
  4. Select Roles on the sidebar.
  5. Click the Edit role button (pencil icon).
  6. Deselect the role(s) or you can deselect the Site and it will deselect everything below.


iii) Adding a user to a role via the Organisation Structure

  1. Click Organisation on the navigation bar and select Organisation structure.
  2. Select the role in which you wish to add users to.
  3. Select Users from the sidebar and click Add User to Group.
  4. Tick the user(s) you wish to add and press Add. The user(s) will now be assigned to that role.
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