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This guide contains the following topics:

  • User not showing on the roster or timesheet
  • User not showing on fingerprint scanner

What is this article about

This article is a short guide about how to find a user that is missing from the rosters, timesheets or clocking application.

Why is this important

Often issues such as this can be solved by those with appropriate permissions in an organisation. This guide steps users through the troubleshooting process to find the setting that might be stopping the user from appearing. 

User not showing on the roster or timesheet

If a user (employee) is not showing on the roster or timesheet, please follow these steps:

Are they active

Check their status and make sure they are active

1. Click Organisation 

2. Select Users

3. Ensure that employees of all status types are visible by selecting the boxes for Active, Inactive and Terminated

4. Locate the user who isn't appearing on the roster or timesheet. Their current employment status will be reflected in the colour of the circle next to their name, where Green = Active, Yellow = Deactivated, and Red = Terminated.

5. If their status is Active (green), proceed to step 2.
If their status is Inactive (yellow) or Terminated (red) select the user and navigate to the account settings 

Press the 'Activate' button and return to the roster or timesheet to see if this has worked. If not, proceed to step 2.


Are they assigned to any roles

Only users assigned to roles will show on the timesheet

1. The user may not be appearing if they currently aren't assigned any roles. To check this navigate to Organisation->Users.

2. Select the user who isn't appearing and navigate to 'Roles'

3. Select the pencil 'Edit' button 


4. Select the appropriate role 

5. Save the changes by pressing on the floppy disk button



User not showing on fingerprint scanner

For a user to show on the fingerprint clocking station, they need to have either clocking options, or fingerprint scanning enabled. 

1. To check if a user has clocking options available navigate to Organisation -> Users, and select the user.

2. Press on the Clocking tab and check that the correct clocking method or methods are active. 

If not, select 'edit', check the box and save.


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