Setting a user to a salary

This guide contains the following information:

  • Why assign a user to a salary
  • When would a user get assigned to a salary
  • How to apply a user to a salary

Why assign a user to a salary 

A user should be assigned a salary if they work a set number of hours each week and are paid on a yearly rate.

When would a user get assigned to a salary

A user would generally be assigned a salary shortly after adding them to easyemployer. Also a re-assignment of salary could occur if a users pay conditions have changed.

How to apply a user to a salary

1. Select Organisation from the top navigation bar

2. Select Users

3. Select the user which you would like to add to a salary

4. Navigate to their Payroll page

5. Press Change under 'Award Pay Group'

6. Assign salary staff who are not paid penalties to the  "Organisation Contract Award", which is a flat rate configuration.

7. Set the user's Employment type

8. Press the  button next to the Classification rate to set the hourly rate for that staff member. All staff in easyemployer are paid an hourly rate.

To calculate an employee's hourly rate: 

  • Take their yearly salary (for example $52,000 per year) 
  • Divide their salary by the weeks in the year to get their weekly rate ($52,000 / 52)
  • Divide their weekly rate by the hours the employee works each week ($1,000 / 40)
  • Their hourly rate will be displayed (in this example the rate is $25 per hour)

9. Set the employee's minimum, maximum and standard hours to equal their weekly hours.

10. Press Submit and the user will now be paid on a salary


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