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1) Overview
2) Create a new roster



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1) Overview

This article explains how to create a roster for employees.

If it is your responsibility to create, manage or publish rosters than knowing how to create a roster will enable you to fulfil these responsibilities.


2) Create a new roster

1. Click the Roster tab at the top of the screen.

2. Click Create New Roster

  • The next roster period that has not been created yet will be shown

3. Click Create.


The roster will be created and shown

You will also be shown a To Do item on your homepage telling you that a roster needs to be created. Clicking on this item will direct you to the create roster page.

Most organisations will have a roster template which contains all the business requirements for the roster period.

4. Click the Cog in the top right corner of the screen and scroll down to the Load Roster Template icon Load_Roster_Template_Icon.pngTo load the template in, 


5. Select the template you would like to load and click Load Template.

Once the template has been loaded you can look for colour changes. These changes indicate things like an employee is unavailable or they are on leave.

6. Click the 2016-09-29_14h04_08.png icon for a description of the colours


7. Make any necessary adjustments to the roster

8. If you have any unassigned shifts, you can automatically assign these to employees by clicking the Automatically Assign Shifts button Automatically_Assign_Shifts_Button.png


9. Click on Publish and Communicate Button.png to publish and communicate the Roster.



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