Rosters | The Roster Day View

1) Overview
2) Access the roster day view



Rosters | Fortnightly View


1) Overview

The roster day view enables users to look at the rosters on a day by day basis. This feature also displays additional information such as how many users are rostered to work at any given time.

Viewing rosters in different ways can enable users to see a hourly breakdown of their shifts and the employees that are working. This is especially useful for organisations or industries that need to ensure that staff ratios are correct for the services they deliver.


2) Access the roster day view

The roster day view provides a graphical overview of the day.

  1. Open the roster you are working on.
  2. Click the day at the top of the screen or select the day view on the upper right side.
  3. The roster day view is shown.
  4. You can adjust your group selections by clicking the Groups button at the top right of the screen ()
  5. The screen displays the number of employees at each hour of the day in front of Number of Users Working.
  6. Edit shifts by clicking on the shift and clicking Manage (pencil icon).
  7. You can add shifts by clicking the cell associated with any user.
  8. You can unassign shifts by clicking on the shift and selecting edit or by clicking Move to unassigned.
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