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  • Auto assign shifts in roster

What is the auto assign shift feature

The roster auto shift assigner intelligently allocates unassigned roster shifts to available users. This feature uses availability and roster rules to determine the suitability of all user and allocates the shift to the top ranking person. A person's suitability to work a shift is determined based on their Roster Rules configuration. 

Why is this important

Allowing the program to assign shifts based on the rules set by your organisation can save time when creating rosters.

How to auto assign shifts

1. Complete your roster as per normal procedure

2. Drop conflicting shifts due to availability or leave to unassigned shifts

3. The example we will use is as follows


4. You can see in the above example, that there are 3 shifts that need to be allocated to users

5. Click the automatically assign shifts button by clicking the cog located at the top right corner of the roster and select Auto assign shifts

6. Shifts will be automatically allocated to the most suitable employee as shown
7. All roster shifts have now been allocated to users and the roster can be published and communicated. 
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