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This is the "manager" guide!  Looking for the employee guide for adding shifts to a calendar? 

See Add roster to electronic calendar

This article includes the following topics:

  • How does this feature work
  • How to obtain the ical URL to add to electronic calendar
  • Create electronic calendar link for clients
  • Links to guides


Refresh interval: It is the responsibility of the calendar application to pull new data from easyemployer. In some calendar applications you can control the interval it updates, or you can perform a refresh or send and receive to pull new data to your calendar from easyemployer.

Display: easyemployer cannot control how the entries are displayed in the application. 

What is an electronic calendar

An electronic calendar is generally available through external email services. These calendars are designed to help users plan their days and allocate time to specific tasks.

How does this feature work

Subscribing to the roster using an ical link, automatically adds roster shifts into your electronic calendar. Your roster is kept up to date in your calendar by automatically updating with published shifts, at a defined update interval (most calendar applications allow this interval to be set). Users can also create a calendar link for their clients and instructions for this can be found below.

A group selection can be adjusted to only show roster shifts from certain roles, areas or sites that you manage.

The following picture is an example of how your roster will look in an electronic calendar:

Day view



How to obtain the ical URL to add to electronic calendar

1. Click on Rosters


2. Click on Open a Roster


3. Click on the Current Roster


4. Choose the sites for the Roster and click Submit 

5. Use the groups button to select the sites, areas or roles that you would like included in your calendar.  You can have multiple calendars for different sections of the business.  

  • An example of this is a pharmacy.  You could have a calendar for your Pharmacy Assistants and a separate calendar for you Pharmacists.  Or you could have a separate calendar for Front of shop and another one for Dispensary.  

6. Click on the Export Icon on the actions menu


7. Select Export to Calendar

8. Select the information that you would like exported to the calendar and press Export


9. This will pop up a window with a link 


10. Copy this Calender link into your Calender to add the roster information in your calendar

Note: The calendar link will be unique for your group selection. You can customise what shifts you would like displayed on your calendar by using the groups button.


Creating an electronic calendar link for clients

1. Click on 'Rosters' in the navigation bar

2. Click 'Open a roster'

3. Select and open a roster period

4. Click the cog in the top right corner of the roster

5. Select the 'Export' option

6. An export roster popup will appear. Select 'Export to Calendar'.

7. A new section will appear in this box. Select the client that will receive this link. 

8. From the tick boxes listed select the information that should be sent to the client via this calendar link.

9. Click the 'Export' button to save 

10. A popup will be displayed that shows a link. This link needs to be copied and sent to the client so they can add it to their electronic calendar.


Links to guides

Google calendar

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