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  • How to add a break start time to a roster shift
  • Where the break is displayed

What is the 'add break start time' feature

This feature allows roster managers to allocate a specific time during a shift for an employee to take their break. 
Why is this important
Some organisations require staff to take breaks during certain periods of the day. In these situations it can be beneficial to assign a predetermined time to start a break to an employees shift. This could be useful for organisations that need to ensure that a certain number of staff are always working.

How to add a break start time to a roster shift

The unpaid break start time can be added to a roster shift.  

1. Edit the assigned roster shift or unassigned shift in a roster or roster template

2. Add the unpaid break value

3. Check Break start and assign the break start time as shown in the following dialogue:

4. Click create / save


Where the break is displayed

Roster shift (main roster and also employee roster):

Roster day view

  • Indicated by the light grey bar above (for example, at 1:00pm for Jake Barrell)
  • Great to see if you have enough cover during lunch breaks!


Roster export

When exporting the roster to PDF, select Breaks in the display options, and the break duration and start time will be displayed:

Time clock


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