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We have been working hard to develop a new roster interface, which is faster and has greater flexibility than the previous roster. It is currently in beta testing, but if you would like to try and provide feedback on it, send us an email to: to activate it for your account. The new roster can be run along side the old roster interface until it is fully released.  

Because it is currently in beta testing, some features might be missing. We are adding and improving things daily, so if it is not there one day, it might be there the next!  


This article includes the following topics:

  • Accessing the new roster
  • Accessing the old roster
  • Switch views
  • Choose Groups
  • Printing the roster
  • Video

Accessing the new roster

Once the new roster has been activated for your account, you can access it through a special link.

1. Open your roster

2. Click the new roster link, denoted by the star



  • The new roster will be loaded



Accessing the old roster

Once you have switched to the new roster, you can change back to the old roster by:

1. Pressing on the Actions menu


2. A drop-down menu will appear with a number of options


3. Press the Use Old Roster button 



Switch rosters views

Once you are in the new roster, you can switch between a user view and a role view. 

1. Click the User/Role view toggle


  • The roster will be reloaded to show the other view

An example of the role view is as follows:


2. Click on the Day/Week view toggle


  • The roster will be reloaded to display the other view

3. When opening the day view using this method, the current day will automatically be opened. 


4. To change the day selected, you can either:

  • Change the day using the Calendar
  • Press on the Date


  • The calendar view will be displayed. Press on the day that you wish to view


  • Change days using the arrow keys



Choose Groups

1. To refine which groups are shown on the roster, press on the Actions menu


2. The options available will be displayed


3. Select the Choose Groups button


4. Choose the group(s) you would like to display by pressing on the corresponding check-boxes


5. Press on the Select Groups button to apply the changes


6. The roster will reload, displaying only the groups that have been selected


Printing the roster

1. Press on the Actions menu


2. The options available will be displayed


3. Click on the Print button  print.PNG 

4. Choose display options for print  from the following and click print


5. It will open the print preview where you can select print options as usual

6. Once printed, click OK on the print confirmation dialogue 



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