Roster - public holiday handling

This guide contains the following topics:

  • Creating a public holiday template
  • Loading your public holiday template

What are public holidays in easyemployer

Public holidays are special days that will indicate a day off or penalty rates for employees.

Why is this important

Roster shifts should only be assigned on public holidays if the employee is actually working that day.  For permanent employees not working on the public holiday, easyemployer will calculate the hours for that day based on the employees pay conditions (standard hours and days).

See: setting standard days and minimum hours

To change what public holidays your organisation observes, please see the guide: Configuring observed public holidays

How to create a public holiday template

You can create public holiday templates to load in on a public holiday because your shifts may differ to normal.

1. Click Rosters

2. Click Create roster template

3. Fill out the following details:

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Roster template name: give it a name
  • Create from: Blank

The roster template will load with only 1 day.  Here you can assign all the shifts required for the public holiday


Loading your public holiday template

1. Open your Roster

2. Load in your normal Weekly Template

3. At the bottom of the public holiday day, there is a Load roster template button

4. Select this and choose your public holiday template


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