Roster - tips

This article contains the following information:
  • Tips for rostering 
Basic rostering


Advanced rostering:
  • Automatically assign shifts to staff based on roster rules that can be customised specific to your business - it’s called intelligent rostering and you can make it work for you!
  • Learn how to use the fill in finder to quickly find a staff member to fill a vacant shift - great for urgently filling shifts at the last minute!
  • Can’t find someone to work a shift? Let staff volunteer to work your open shifts.
  • Ensure you have the right number of staff on throughout the day - not too many and not too little - by using the day view of your roster.
  • Set shift reminders to ensure staff show up for their shifts - eliminate no-shows!
  • Find out more about rostering in easyemployer by visiting the roster management help desk page


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