Roster - communication notes

This guide contains the follow topics:

  • What are roster communication notes
  • How to set communication notes
  • Examples

What are roster communication notes

Roster communication notes are a way that you can set a note on the publishing level (site/client etc) within easyemployer and this will be communicated out with any roster communications. Examples are:

  • Roster shift communication - publishing, shift changes etc
  • Shift reminders
  • Request to user to fill an open shift 
  • Request to user to accept a shift swap 
  • Notice to a user that they successfully opened a shift

Why is this important

Roster notes can be used to inform or remind employees of important information regarding their shift.

How to set communication notes

Communication notes are set on the roster publishing level in your organisation group structure. The publishing level could be a site or client depending on your configuration. In this example we will be setting a roster communication note for the main call centre to remind employees where to park.

1. Open Organisation

2. Open Organisation Structure

3. Click the roster publishing level, e.g. site, client.  In this example we click Mitchell Office

4. Click Settings

5. On the right hand side, in the field called Roster notes, enter the note and click the save button





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