Roster - copy roster shifts

This guide contains the following information:

  • Why would you use this feature
  • When would you use this feature
  • How to copy a roster shift

What is a copied shift

A roster shift can be copied, creating a second identical shift. This can be done in the roster or roster template and can be allocated to another day, another employee, etc. 

Why would you use this feature

This feature provides a quick method for generating multiple shifts with the same details

When would you use this feature

This feature can be used at any stage whilst using easyemployer, although would more commonly be used when developing a roster

How to Copy a Roster Shift 

To copy a roster shift (in either the roster or roster template).

1. Select the shift you want to copy with the left mouse button


2. Continue holding the left mouse button as you drag the shift to where you want to copy it


3. Press the Ctrl button

4. When the 2017-09-14_12h01_31.jpgsymbol appears in the bottom right corner of the shift, release the left mouse button.


5. This will copy the shift to that location e.g. to another employee, to another day (note shifts can only be copied to another employee if they are part of the role of the original shift).



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