Rosters | Entry Dialogue

1) Overview
2) How to use the new roster entry dialogue



Rosters | Fortnightly View


1) Overview

This feature can be used to speed up the roster process. Users no longer need to load the full roster to navigate to a certain day, hide rows without shifts or change to the role view.

This feature can be used when viewing the roster or making changes to the roster.

The roster new entry dialogue provides the option to open the roster in the day or week view, and in the role or user view.The roster dialogue also allows you to hide all rows without shifts upon entry.


2) How to use the new roster entry dialogue

  1. Open the roster through:
    • Scheduling > Rosters.
    • Or use the Open current roster through the Quick Links section.
  2. Open the specific roster period.
  3. The Choose sites for roster dialogue displays.
  4. It provides the option to toggle between Day / Week / Fortnightly view and User / Role (and any set Custom Entities) view.
  5. The option to hide rows without shifts and hide financial details (Award info, labour costs).
  6. Make your selection and press Submit.
  7. Your roster will then be displayed according to your choices.


NOTE: When selecting day view, the roster will open to the current day.

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