Rosters | Fortnightly View

1) Overview
2) Access the fortnightly roster view



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1) Overview

The fortnightly roster view allows organisations with a fortnightly roster to view the shifts for the entire roster period in both a user and role view.

The ability to view an entire roster period can help to make sure rosters are as accurate as possible. It also prevents system users from having to constantly switch between weeks.


2) Access the fortnightly roster view

  1. The fortnightly roster view can be accessed when entering the roster by selecting it from the Choose Sites dialog.
  2. The fortnightly roster can also be accessed within the roster by selecting Fortnight from the options in the top right hand corner of the screen.
    • The fortnightly roster can be viewed in the User view.
    • The fortnightly roster can also be viewed in the Role view.
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