Roster - labour costs

This guide contains the following information:

  • What are the new roster labour costs
  • How to access the new roster labour costs

What are roster labour costs

The costs for each shift, week, fortnight or day can be viewed when creating a roster.

These costings provide insights about the cost of each shift based on a user's pay conditions. Whilst providing totals at the end of each day, week and fortnight (if applicable).

Any changes made to the roster will cause the cost totals to update.

Why is this important

With the availability of the cost projections on a roster organisations can impose restrictions that do not allow users to publish a roster if they exceed a predetermined budget.

How to access the new roster labour costs

The new roster labour costs can be accessed by any user who has the correct permission level to view a user's pay conditions. The review of permissions are available [see the Permissions and Function guide].

NOTE: Unassigned shifts will have no cost, as they have not been applied to an employee's pay conditions

1. Open the roster using the Quick Links section or the Roster tab. The Choose Sites dialog now has the option to "Hide Financial Details"


2. If you chose to hide the financial details upon opening the roster, the financial details can be viewed again by selecting the Award Info and Labour Costs display toggles.


3. By showing the financial details, the labour costs will appear:

In rostered shifts:










At the end of each:










As a total in the bottom right of the screen:



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