Roster - How to copy a roster template week

This guide contains the following information:

  • Why would you copy a roster template week
  • How to copy a roster template week

Note: The roster template week can only be copied for organisations using a fortnightly roster

What is the copy roster template week feature

If the second week of your fortnightly roster is very similar, or the same as the first week of your roster template these shifts can be copied across to the second week.

Why is this important

Copying the shifts from the first week of the template can reduce the time spent adding shifts to the template.

How to copy a roster template week

1. Open or Create the fortnightly roster template by selecting Roster from the top navigation bar, then Create a Roster Template  / Open a roster template

2. Input the shifts in to the first week

3. Navigate to the second week of the template by pressing on the Next Week button

4. Press on the Copy Week button

5. A dialog will appear to confirm how any existing shifts should be handled (whether to delete them or leave them)

6. Press submit and the shifts from week 1 will be copied to week 2 of the template


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