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This guide contains the following information:

  • What is the Shift Cover feature
  • How to configure the Shift Cover feature
  • How to use the Shift Cover feature

What is the Shift Cover feature

The shift cover feature allows employees to request that another suitable employee works their shift for them.
For example, 'John' can no longer work his shift as a Pharmacy Assistant on Thursday.
With this feature enabled, he can open up his easyemployer account and request for someone else to work the shift. When using the feature, a list of suitable employees will show for employees to ensure that only suitable employees can be requested to cover the shift.  

Why is this important

The shift cover feature empowers employees to find suitable replacements for their assigned shifts. This can help to reduce the workload of managers and can be setup to require managers approval. 

How to configure the Shift Cover feature

1. Select Organisation from the top navigation bar


2. Select Organisation


3. Select Rules from the left navigation bar


4. Expand the Roster Rules Section

5. Navigate to the Shift Cover section


6. Edit the "Enable shift covering" rule and ensure that the value is set to Yes. Review the remaining rules and confirm that they are configured as required.


How to use the Shift Cover feature as an Employee

1. Open your roster to view the shift that you want to be covered


2. Select the shift that you want covered, and select the "Request someone else to cover this shift" option


3. A list of employees will appear. Only suitable employees can be selected. Select the employee who you would like to cover your shift and submit the request.


4. The shift will then appear in Pink on your roster


5. The employee who you have requested to cover your shift will then receive an item on their To Do list


6. By selecting this item, they can then choose whether they would like to accept or decline the cover. 


7. If the employee Accepts the shift cover, and the manager approves this cover (if applicable), you will receive a notice via your preferred communication method with your updated roster.

8. If the employee Declines the shift, you will receive a notice to inform you that your shift was declined.


An "unconfirmed rostered shifts" item will appear on your To Do list, with that shift set as unconfirmed.



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