Timesheet - approving and finalising a timesheet

This article includes the following topics:

  • easyemployer Warning System
  • Approving a shift
  • Finalising a timesheet

What is the easyemployer Warning System

1. The inbuilt warning system in easyemployer will bring to your attention any problems or anomalies the system has found when comparing the timesheet shift to the roster shift.  

2. These warnings are based on your business rules and thresholds. Some examples of warnings from business rules are:

  •  A user started their shift significantly early or late.
  • A user ended their shift significantly early or late.
  • A user forgot to clock in or out of their shift on time.
  • A user did not clock out for a break during their shift.
  • A user worked a shift on a day when they were not rostered to etc.

Why is this important

The timesheet shifts will need to be approved and the timesheet finalised before payroll processing can occur.  
Timesheet actual shifts are best approved on a daily basis reducing the overhead of completing your timesheet at the end of the period. 

Approving a Shift

To begin open the timesheet that needs to be checked

1. Look for any shift with a warning symbol and click on the warning symbol


2. All warnings for the actual shift are now displayed. Go through each one and decide whether you want to remove the warning by clicking ‘Ignore Warning’ or action the warning by clicking ‘HERE’.


3. Repeat the above steps for all warnings

4. Shifts need to be approved before you can finalise the timesheet

5. Shifts can be approved in following ways:

  • Individually by clicking on the shift and clicking the 'Approve Actual / Pay Shift' button
  • A whole day - by clicking the 'Approve all shifts' button at the bottom of the timesheet corresponding to the day
  • A whole week - by clicking the 'Approve all shifts' button at the right of the timesheet corresponding to the employee


  • The whole timesheet - by clicking the 'Approve all shifts' button at the bottom right of the timesheet

6. Once all shfits have been approved on the timesheet, you can now finalise the timesheet
(Note: Any clocked shift, without a warning, will be marked as approved when the timesheet is finalised).


Finalising a Timesheet

Once all shifts have been approved and all warnings are address, the 'Finalise Timesheet' button will be shown

1. Click the 'Finalise Timesheet' button


2. This will present the timesheet summary for you to review before finalising the timesheet


3. Review the timesheet for Payroll Warnings

4. Once reviewed please click the ‘Confirm and Finalise timesheet’ button

5. The timesheet finalisation process has now been completed.  

6. If you are responsible for payroll, you can now go ahead and proceed with the next step of your payroll process.


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