Timesheet - adding and editing a shift(s)

This article includes the following topics:

  • Display toggles on timesheet
  • Adding a shift to the timesheet
  • Editing a shift on the timesheet
  • Adding a break to a timesheet shift

What are timesheets

The timesheet records the actual clocked data and compares it to the roster shifts for the same period.

Why is this important

The timesheet shifts will need to be approved and the timesheet finalised before payroll processing can occur. This article explains how to perform important tasks relating to a timesheet.

How to use display toggles on timesheet

1. Managers can customise the view of a timesheet according to individual circumstances

2. Click on Display toggles button

This can be found in the left top hand corner of the page and looks like a magnifying glass.


3. Depending on the needs of the user the display toggles can provide more or less information as required.


4. Simply uncheck any toggles that you do not need and the related information will disappear.

How to add a shift to the timesheet

1. Open the timesheet you are working on

  • There are a few situations where you may need to add an Actual Shift to a timesheet.   
  • These may include: an employee forgetting to clock on and off but actually worked, an employee not turning up to a shift or you need to add a leave shift if someone is sick on that day. 

2. Click the white space below the rostered shift or if there is not rostered shift, click the white space corresponding to the employee and day


3. The 'Create Actual Shift' dialogue will be shown


4. The Starting on, Start time, End date, End time will automatically match the rostered shift. 

5. Make any manual adjustments to the shift if needed.

 6. You have three options

  • Save Clicking on this will create a paid shift
  • Create leave Clicking on this will bring up the create leave dialog
  • No show Clicking on this will create a shift with 0 hours

How to edit a shift on the timesheet

1. Click on the timesheet actual shift

2. The following options are displayed


3. Click on the Edit Pencil.png to edit the shift

4. The 'Edit Actual Shift' dialogue will be displayed


5. You can now edit the start time, end time, leave a shift message or edit/create a break

6. There are two options:

  • Update Clicking on updates will make changes to the actual shift and will be save with the changed values
  • Convert to leave - Clicking this option will display the following dialogue
  • Leave options for the employee will be displayed
  • Select the leave type, if it is paid or unpaid, and click convert


How to add a break to a timesheet shift

1. Open the timesheet

2. Select the shift that you wish to add a break to 

3. Edit the shift that you wish to add a break to through following the steps provided in How to edit a shift on the timesheet

4. Press on the Add break button


5. Select the start time, end time/duration, and the type of break. Then select the Save button.


6. Press on the Save button on the Edit actual shift dialogue



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